Morpheus Lex

Arbitrator Extraordinaire


Comes from a long line of Lord Marshals, first of his house to attain the rank of Judge. Received a bionic eye after losing original in the Mutant uprisings following the Blackout Fires in Corscala. Looks to be in his 40s though in actuality is well into his 70s. Other features include a cerebral plug to better access the vast amounts of data his job requires. A skinplant chrono on his forearm to prevent a traditional watch from snagging on his dress uniform.
2m tall, bulky. Green natural eye, red bionic, brown hair and big moustache.
House colors are Red, Gold and Black.
Moto: Always Prevail.

A bronze eagle helm with standard internals of an Arbites helm.:

Ornate Red/Gold Mauler bolt pistol given to him by his father when he first assumed command of others.
Long flowing cape in red, trimmed with gold bearing the house Sigil.

A collector of archaeo/xenos tech, his crowning piece is the ‘Glass Clock’ a clock in which all the pieces hang in the air.

Responsible for the downfall of Rogue Trader house Tarkin. All assets frozen and deemed Excommunicate Tratoris. However, never apprehended.

Close ties with Rogue Trader Sorlene Zale and her ship The Void Saint a fellow procurer of curiosities from beyond Imperial Space. She also has friends in low places as one would expect.

Morpheus Lex

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